The Eric Prieur Memorial Research Fund

The “Eric Prieur Memorial Research Fund for Cold Chain Sustainability” has been created by the Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC) and made possible by a grant from Carrier. The fund honors late Carrier employee, Eric Prieur, who served as director, Cold Chain Sustainability, and was among those tragically lost in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10, 2019. Eric approached the global topic of sustainability, and particularly that of food loss and waste, with great energy and passion. In his role with Carrier’s Refrigeration business, Eric was often called upon to speak at events around the world and increased Carrier’s level of participation and leadership on a global scale. Carrier will seed the fund with two annual, consecutive donations of $50,000.

The Eric Prieur Memorial Fund will support the mutual goals of GFCCC and Carrier by helping to reduce food loss and waste and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions and water waste, while increasing global awareness for and expansion of a sustainable food cold chain.  As such, the fund will be used to develop case studies and refine data through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and advance other key sustainable cold chain activities in developing countries, including development of pilot projects and case studies.

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