GFCCC Proud to Sponsor Second Annual World Refrigeration Day

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GFCCC Proud to Sponsor Second Annual World Refrigeration Day

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Washington, DC June 26, 2020As the annual World Refrigeration Day kicks off today, Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC) is proud to announce that this year’s event was made possible through sponsorship by our coalition. Theinternational webinar, themed Cold Chain 4 Life, aims to address the importance of the Cold Chain sector and its vital role to food production, food processing, food retail, healthcare, transportation, and more.

The ColdChain4Life webinar presents a needed opportunity to reach out to the public, government, and end users describing the value of the cold chain.We hope to come together to solve global problems in this space by motivating adoption of best practices such as critical research and development, simple and serviceable technology, and a stable system,” said CoChair Rajan Rajendran, with Emerson Climate Technologies, who is scheduled to speak during the event.

Held annually, World Refrigeration Day invites a global audience to hear from stakeholders and government organizations. Sponsored and organized by GFCCC, the other partners of the ColdChain4Life campaign include the UN Environment Programme, ASHRAE, European Partnership for Energy and Environment, International Institute of Refrigeration, and the WRD Secretariat. Along with the free ColdChain4Life webinar, World Refrigeration Day uses their distribution materials to promote more than 800 physical events in over 150 countries. With the goals of the day aligning closely with the global sustainable food cold chain mission, GFCCC hopes to use the event to bring attention to their own activity and to promote expansion of a sustainable food cold chain.

In and out of World Refrigeration Day, GFCCC is working with governments, industry and NGO partners to reduce food loss and waste, expand our food supply, and ensure efficient water supply management. It is urging governments to work through UNEP, the Montreal Protocol, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, and the Champions 12.3 program to achieve these objectives.

“Through our datagathering initiative, Prieur Memorial Research Fund, and international partnerships, we have been busy to ensure that our approach will echo the meaningful efforts of World Refrigeration Day in the development of a sustainable food cold chain,” Rajendran later added.

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